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Calyx Interface

Calyx Software

Calyx Software’s flagship product Point© is a multipurpose mortgage pre-qualification, origination, processing, underwriting, and management application. Point is designed for mortgage loan originators, mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, and other mortgage professionals. Point follows all the standard secondary market forms and government regulations regarding processing conventional and government mortgage loans. 

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Our Interface with Calyx Point

Our company’s web-based ordering system is now integrated with Calyx Point, the dominant market leader in front-end mortgage processing software.

This new interface will streamline the ordering process for the large audience of Calyx Point users. Point users will no longer have to exit the program to order appraisal services. This means our clients are no longer required to print and fax appraisal request forms. This interface makes it possible to start and complete the appraisal ordering process in less time than it takes to print and fax a request. This investment in technology will allow us to expedite your orders and provide an even higher level of service.

The ability to order appraisals directly from Point will shorten the ordering process saving our clients valuable time daily. This integration is also an important step in the pursuit of a seamless end-to-end electronic mortgage transaction.